The Hearts Fire Maryanne Wells Science Fiction Hearts Trilogy

The Heart’s Fire

The Hearts Fire Maryanne Wells Science Fiction Hearts Trilogy

Luther Gregory, newly assigned to the spaceship SS ATTM, is eager to prove himself as a soldier and engineer. To his surprise, he’s not given an engineering position. Instead, Luther’s given a choice: accept a position as Valve in Training, a job he knows nothing about, or accept a position as ship’s mail clerk and fade into lonely, isolated obscurity. Luther studies the cold blue eyes of the current Valve, Jane Wingfield, and decides to take a chance on the unknown path.

While Luther begins his training, trouble is brewing in the engine room. A new device has been installed aboard the SS ATTM and it’s causing the engine’s heart to malfunction. Jane Wingfield is quick to point out the danger to the officers, but they refuse to act. The officers want the new device up and running no matter what the cost.

Desperate to save the ship, Jane turns to Luther for help. Together they assemble a team of would-be heroes: the security chief, an absent-minded genius, the ship’s janitor, and a small boy with his pet chinchilla, Sparky. Then a twist of fate takes Jane out of operation and leaves Luther in charge. Luther believes the team has a chance, but his military training tells him he should follow the strict chain of command and obey the officers no matter what. Jane tells him to make decisions on his own, and Luther is paralyzed.

With the ship primed to explode and a thousand lives on the line, Luther must decide where he stands. Either he’s ready to become the ship’s Valve or Luther’s day on board the SS ATTM will be his last.

The Heart’s Fire is Book 1 of the Hearts science fiction Trilogy.

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