Hearts is a science fiction trilogy with steampunk flare.

In the Sovereign States, the great multi-continent government formed following the first alien war, everyone has a purpose. Some help the wheels of the economy turn smoothly. Others join the military, bringing comfort and security to citizens worried the alien threat could come again.

What the citizens don’t know is that the threat never left them. Two alien races are locked in conflict, and they’ve chosen Earth for their battle ground. They’re hiding in plain sight, in businesses, homes, schools, even the halls of government. The aliens are focused only on each other, and if humans are caught in the crossfire, it’s nothing to them.

A few citizens, most of them refugees from the spaceship SS ATTM, learn about the alien plot. They’re soon locked in a battle against their government, their military, and each other. Even the most incorruptible, like Soldier Jane Wingfield and Detective Harland Days, find themselves caught in a tangle of deception, ambition, and treachery.

From a gleaming spaceship high above the earth, to dirty streets of foggy Llondian, to a dry red gulch in wild Texaka, the would-be heroes are ready for battle. The fight will test every loyalty and every belief. Win or lose, each fighter will learn the contents of their heart.


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Hearts science fiction books are published through Peacock Pygg Publications, LLC.